Donald Trump: An Inauguration Day Environmental Assessment

A new administration means new environmental policies. Please read on to learn about Donald’s Trump and his administration’s environmental records. And be sure to donate to SAVE THE FROGS! if you want us to have the means with which to improve the state of the environment, even while the Trump team works actively to destroy it.

“I like your principles and all of us will have to fight harder than ever with the anti-environmental mess that this new administration will be. I have been sick thinking about all this since the election”.
– Michelle B.

we have rights too suhailkt 400
Frog Art: We Have Rights Too – by Suhailkt, India

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EPA denies SAVE THE FROGS’ Atrazine Petition; Dr. Kriger’s Response

On August 27th, 2013 the US EPA’s Director of Office of Pesticide Programs Dr. Steven Bradbury sent SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger a letter denying our 2011 petition to ban Atrazine (we are continuing to collect signatures!). On September 4th, 2013 Dr. Kriger responded to the EPA with a letter detailing the government’s … Continue reading EPA denies SAVE THE FROGS’ Atrazine Petition; Dr. Kriger’s Response

Atrazine Info Cards

Atrazine turns male frogs into females — and it’s on our food and in our tap water: so we want it banned! These two-sided 4×6″ info cards are a great way to help spread the word about Atrazine. We are certain that the EPA will ban Atrazine…but they will not do so until we have … Continue reading Atrazine Info Cards