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Los Angeles Times Frogs

Los Angeles Times Interviews SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger

On June 24th, 2019, LA Times journalist Joe Dworetzky interviewed SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger about California amphibian conservation issues, including the state’s continued importation of millions of non-native American Bullfrogs. Other topics discussed include frog jumping contests and conservation of California’s state amphibian, the endangered California Red-Legged Frog​.

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frog art happy

How do you stay positive in the face of the ongoing extinction crisis?

Environmental journalist John Platt has written about SAVE THE FROGS! in Scientific American in the past, and was a guest lecturer during the SAVE THE FROGS! 90-Day Challenge in 2016. His Extinction Countdown column has run continuously since 2004 and has covered news and science related to more than 1,000 endangered species. Now John is […]

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BBC Radio 5 interviews Dr. Kerry Kriger about South Korea and Frog Drinking

BBC Radio 5 contacted me earlier today to see if I had heard about Manchester united soccer player Park Ji-Sung’s liking for drinking boiled frogs. They had received word that Korean group Toad Friends wanted Mr. Park’s assistance raising awareness for amphibians. Here’s interview 1 of 2: Michael Hamilton (MH): You know the director of […]

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