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Below you will find a compilation of articles related to SAVE THE FROGS! members and memberships.

Nick Gustafson Earth Day 2018
Earth Day Frog Art by Nick Gustafson

Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi: SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Campaigns Coordinator

Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi

Miss Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi is SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana’s Advocacy and Campaigns Director. She holds a masters degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of Greenwich and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.


nonprofit values

The SAVE THE FROGS! Promise is a guiding statement of our values and ideals, as well as our commitments to the various groups who comprise the SAVE THE FROGS! Worldwide Community (our donors, staff, volunteers, ecotourists, supporters, students and of course our amphibious friends).

Introducing Bandana Adhikari from Nepal

Nepal amphibians

SAVE THE FROGS! is an international organization that has pioneered efforts to improve the welfare of frogs worldwide and has set up an international network of volunteers. The difficulties facing amphibians in Nepal is what attracted SAVE THE FROGS! Member & Scholarship Recipient Bandana Adhikari to the organization. With a Master’s in Environmental Science under her belt, she is keen to pursue a career in the field of wildlife and conservation.

Introducing Manoj Pokharel from Nepal

Nepal Save The Frogs Himalaya

For Manoj Pokharel, based in Nepal, frogs are “an irreplaceable part of nature” and it is their uniqueness that he finds so fascinating. What prompted him to become actively involved in conservation was the realization that despite their importance to the ecosystem, frogs and other amphibians are the most threatened group of organisms on the planet.

SAVE THE FROGS! Members Aspire To Be…

Save The Frogs members

SAVE THE FROGS! Members aspire to be: 1. Protectors. First and foremost, SAVE THE FROGS! Members protect amphibians and their habitats, and do not cause harm to amphibians. 2. Lifelong Learners. SAVE THE FROGS! Members continuously and comprehensively educate themselves about amphibian conservation.  3. Educators. SAVE THE FROGS! Members actively educate their local and online communities about amphibians and ways to protect them.

An interview with Gilbert Adum, Co-Founder of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana

By Scott Harris Gilbert Adum is the co-founder of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, West Africa’s first nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation and the first international branch of SAVE THE FROGS! Harris: Can you describe the community where you live? Adum: I live in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city. Kumasi is referred to as West Africa’s Garden City, as …

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A Note From France

We just received this note from SAVE THE FROGS!’ newest member, Hazel Richards: “Since moving to France, a couple of years ago, my husband and I have been slowly turning our garden into one that is wildlife friendly. We have planted hedges, shrubs, a small copse of hazelnut bushes, a wildflower garden and fruit trees …

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