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wetland restoration

Re-Frogging America in 2017

SAVE THE FROGS! plans to build six wetlands in 2017. Four of the wetlands will be approximately 30-ft diameter and two will be 12-ft diameter. Each wetland takes a full day to build. The large wetlands require heavy equipment (such as an excavator). The small wetlands we will build by hand. The estimated cost for SAVE […]

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Would you like to have a wetland at your school?

Would you like to have a wetland at your school? SAVE THE FROGS! is looking for a school within a two-hour drive of Berkeley, California, that would like to have a wetland. The wetland would be designed to help frogs and provide for outdoor education. It would be shallow, less than 18-inches deep in the […]

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Students Who Are Helping SAVE THE FROGS!

Kaitlyn and Tierra organized to clean their local pond. Big thanks to these kids for going out and making their community a better place.  You can check out K and T Frog Spot here and see what other frog loving activities they’re up to.

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Frogs in Airports

ClearChannel has generously offered SAVE THE FROGS! free advertisement space in five major U.S. airports: Chicago O’Hare, Midway, Denver International, St. Louis, and Detroit. But we have to pay the costs of printing the posters, and it’s not cheap! CAN YOU DONATE $20 TODAY SO THAT WE CAN GET THIS FULL-SIZE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT UP […]

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Eight Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

While governmental action is an integral part of stopping global warming, every one of us is responsible for reducing our own carbon footprint. Here are eight easy ways you can do your part: Turn off the lights If you’re not in the room (or the house), you probably don’t need the lights on. Same with […]

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