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Created: 01 April 2017 01 April 2017

Do you like to write about amphibians? Have you done something beneficial for amphibians that you want the world to know about? Do you want to contribute your writing to the world's most influential amphibian website? Read on to find out how to submit your article to the SAVE THE FROGS! website and increase its chances of being posted online for thousands worldwide to see.

rhinella typhonius french guiana
Photo of Rhinella typhonius sp. from French Guiana by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger.

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The SAVE THE FROGS! website is the world's top source of amphibian conservation information and inspiration. Since 2008, has reached over 3,000,000 unique visitors. The site has over 1,000 pages of original content, providing important information to environmentally-minded citizens worldwide.

The goal of the SAVE THE FROGS! website is to serve as a platform that connects, inspires, educates and empowers teachers, students, scientists, naturalists and environmentalists. That’s where you, the contributor, come in. We seek talented writers to help us deliver a constant stream of knowledge, expertise, success, and inspiration to the public. When you contribute your best writing to SAVE THE FROGS!, you will have the chance to reach amphibian lovers worldwide and empower millions of citizens over the next decade.

Anyone is eligible to submit articles or images for publication, regardless of occupation, age, ethnicity or geographical location. Due to the our high standards, we are unable to publish all submissions. SAVE THE FROGS! accepts article submissions year round.

Please read carefully through this entire webpage prior to submitting an article. If you do not follow the guidelines below, your articles has a high chance of NOT ending up on the SAVE THE FROGS! website. If you do follow all the guidelines below, you significantly increase your chance of success...and the number of frogs you will save.

Types Of Content We Seek

We are open to any type of original content that furthers our amphibious mission. Here are some types of content that we seek:

Guidelines for Contributing Authors

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