We just received this note from SAVE THE FROGS!' newest member, Hazel Richards:

"Since moving to France, a couple of years ago, my husband and I have been slowly turning our garden into one that is wildlife friendly. We have planted hedges, shrubs, a small copse of hazelnut bushes, a wildflower garden and fruit trees etc. The birds and bats seem to appreciate the increase in insects that now buzz frenetically around the plants throughout the year; As do the large family of fascinating lizards that live amongst the stones in the garden.

France frogs

This year was particularly hot and dry, with little standing water anywhere locally. The birdbath was frequented by every variety of birds, insects and lizards in the area. For the first time, our garden was also visited by a frog. He was gorgeous and he has decided to stay. As a result, we are building a wildlife pond and a bog garden in the spring, that will hopefully encourage other frogs to visit, and will benefit other animals.

It was trying to find out more about our visiting frog that I came across your website. I have been interested in amphibians for a while, but the visiting frog, your website and watching David Attenborough's DVD "Life in Cold blood" has made me feel that interest alone is not enough. We need to do something as a species to save these incredible and vital creatures. In some small way, I hope that my membership to 'Save The Frogs' and the changes that John and I are making to the garden and to our lives may help.

Thank you for everything that you and your team are doing.
Kind Regards,
Hazel Richards

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