Are you working on an amphibian related project for school or university? Then you should consider getting private tutoring from SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger, a world renowned expert with 14 years of full-time amphibian conservation experience.

Benefits Of Private Tutoring With Dr. Kriger:
(1) Get the best grade possible;
(2) Learn far more about your chosen topic than your peers;
(3) Set yourself apart in the eyes of your teacher/professor; and
(4) Gain knowledge and skills that will accelerate your journey on the path to success in the environmental field of your choice.

kerry kriger Bogota save the frogs
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger has given hundreds of presentations on amphibian conservation, in over 15 countries.


How It Works
Over the course of three separate one-on-one private online sessions, Dr. Kriger will assist you in project conception, development, implementation and presentation.
- Project Conception & Planning
- Project Assessment and Revision
- Project Review & Finalization
Alternatively, you can suggest what you want from your three sessions.

Who Will Benefit:
Any student from elementary school up through Ph.D. candidacy in graduate school.

Dr. Kriger's Teaching Experience:
On top of having advised hundreds of students, volunteers and employees on amphibian conservation topics and written hundreds of articles on the website, Dr. Kriger has taught algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, biology, physics, chemistry, classical music, Spanish and SAT test preparation both as a private tutor and in university classrooms.

The price of the three one-on-one, half-hour online sessions with Dr. Kriger is $150, to be paid in full before beginning. Your payment will benefit amphibian populations not only by improving your project and increasing your environmental skills, but also by funding SAVE THE FROGS! activities.

100% Money-Back Guarantee:
If after your first half-hour session you are not fully satisfied for any reason, and you don't believe that Dr. Kriger will successfully help you conceive, implement and submit a project that makes your teacher, professor or classmates say WOW, then you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

Are You Ready To Excel?
To take advantage of this unique opportunity to excel in amphibian conservation, please email with:

  1. Private Tutoring in the subject line;
  2. A brief description of your project, homework or whatever you seek assistance with;
  3. Your grade level

Dr. Kriger is looking forward to saving the frogs with you!

Private Tutoring Environmental
Dr. Kriger and the students of PUC Minas university in Belo Horizonte, Brazil after he gave his first presentation in Portuguese. Dr. Kriger has spoken at hundreds of schools and universities around the world.

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"The next generation should take for granted what the hard work and dedication of this generation has accomplished. They should then, standing on the shoulders of their predecessors, establish a new high as the baseline for the generation after them."

Peter Drucker


“I want you to know that I admire and am so impressed with your energy, determination, your goals, and your devotion to these wonderful creatures who have not had the spotlight shown on then until you came along!  I am very impressed that you were able to learn Portuguese so quickly,  and speak to the University students for an hour in their language! I read all of your e-mails.”

Diane K., Wheaton, IL

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