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Your Name On The Wall in Save The Frogs Headquarters

When Save The Frogs Art Director Leah Klehn saw how barren are the walls of our brand new headquarters (see below!), she offered to paint us one of her beautiful frog images to lively up the space. I said that would be fantastic, but let’s take it a step further:

Everybody who donates $25 or higher between now and Save The Frogs Day gets their name on Leah’s frog painting, which will hang in the front office of the current Save The Frogs World Headquarters for as long as we are there. That’s our way of thanking you for helping to make Save The Frogs the world’s leading amphibian conservation organization. And as always, everybody who donates $25 or higher automatically becomes a member of SAVE THE FROGS!

Donate Frogs

Here is the first piece of art Leah ever drew for SAVE THE FROGS!
Leah Klehn Art

One from her endangered species collection:

Boring Walls!

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